Private space is the key to productivity in the office

Employers should provide workers with a private space for work.

This is so you can get away from the noisy office space and focus on your work, according to new research from global real estate consultancy JLL.

According to the “Hybrid Work Decoded” report, people now spend more than half their week (2.8 days) in the office, but most work (intensive work) is found to be easier to do at home. I already know.

We found that France leads Europe in returning to the office, with 3.5 days working from home compared to 2.6 days in the UK and 2.3 days in Germany.

We also found that Tuesday was the most popular day for WFO and Friday was the least popular. Also, working hours in the office are only slightly longer than in WFH.

Why do people want to go back to the office?

Social interaction, collaboration and technology support were found to be the main drivers for returning to the office. On the other hand, his work-life balance and well-being proved to be strengths of working from home.

Also, half of all weekday virtual collaboration takes place in the office, and half of office virtual collaboration takes place at the desk.

We found that more than a third of people use an office, establishing proper life-work separation.

The office of the future has a richer purpose than we first anticipated. As well as supporting collaboration and socializing, the office plays a key role in separating work and life and establishing the healthy work routines you need.

What issues do you need to address?

Post-pandemic offices will have to address the need for focused, individual work. Even today, people spend 50% of their time doing focused work in the office. To make the trip to the office worthwhile, you need to enable both collaboration and focus.

Also, today’s new work styles don’t support hybrid workers well.

They are the group of workers with the lowest human experience satisfaction.
on site. The difficulty in re-establishing a healthy work routine makes the office experience more stressful than it used to be. This is an opportunity for The Office to reinvent its promise.

Sue Asprey Price, EMEA CEO of JLL’s Workplace Dynamics, said:This is an interesting insight into how office workers are deciding how best to work in the new hybrid environment. It’s clear that most people value the office as a social and collaborative component of their work and choose to spend more than half of their week there.

“But we also know that 55% of the week is spent doing ‘focused work’ and we need to enable people to do this effectively in the office. This means a private work space away from office chatter where people can focus.

“Post-pandemic, as people have become accustomed to working in quieter environments, their perception of noise has changed. 28%.

“This presents a challenge for the industry to ensure that newly redesigned offices offer a choice of spaces to support a variety of activities. This means providing a sufficient number of comfortable workstations with adequate acoustics to accommodate privacy needs, and overhauling inefficient desk and conference room booking systems. .

“Employers also need to consider the growing importance. happiness to all workers. Healthy eating, comfortable temperatures, air quality, pleasing views, and access to outdoor spaces are all ways to enhance the office experience. “

Private space is the key to productivity in the office

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