Women with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pelvic Pain Switch to CBD-Study

Ferdia Mooney, a patient with fibromyalgia in Ireland, talks about his struggle to recognize the condition and how to find cannabinoid relief.

When it comes to diagnosing fibromyalgia, patients may find it a long and often frustrating process. In particular, some of the symptoms may reflect other conditions that lead to misdiagnosis.

These may include chronic pain, malaise, sleep disorders, as well as a variety of symptoms such as cognitive dysfunction and impaired physical function.

so dáil debate, From TD Gino Kenny People before profit The party outlined that there are an estimated 90,000 to 180,000 peoplee I am suffering from fibromyalgia in Ireland. Nevertheless, there is no national or specialized treatment. It is not currently included in the Medical Cannabis Access Program as it does not take into account chronic pain.

Fibromyalgia pain

Ferdia Mooney discovered that she had fibromyalgia at the age of 21. He initially suspected that he was suffering from hand pain and had rheumatoid arthritis.

“It started when I was 14 years old. It was especially my hands and I found it very difficult to write. I play an instrument but it became very difficult. I have rheumatism. I had some GPs before going to a specialist, but the rheumatologist eventually ruled out everything else. I thought I had arthritis for years, “he explains. bottom. “It took me so long to get a diagnosis from 14 to 21 years old.”

Fibromyalgia: A small bottle of oil on the surface surrounded by cannabis leaves

Many patients with fibromyalgia find that symptoms such as chronic pain, malaise, and brain fog can be debilitating. In particular, lack of sleep can have a profound effect on their condition, increasing fatigue and anxiety.

Ferdiad said: At that moment, I think I’m just in three weeks of bad sleep. It affects every part of my day. It affects what I eat, how many times I go up and down, my appetite, and my chin. I’m a musician, but I can’t keep up with it anymore. Even my hobby is almost gone. “

Ferdiad was prescribed various medications for fibromyalgia but found that he could not take them. He responded to many of the various options, including drowsiness and not feeling like himself. Nevertheless, he welcomes taking prescription medications if possible.

“I’m very sensitive to medicines because everything seems to make me sick or drowsy. One in 100 people with side effects, that’s me. One year when I started a new antidepressant, in Ireland Excessive sweating occurred in the midst of the first heat wave. “

Cannabis and fibromyalgia

Like many patients, Ferdiad turned to cannabis after trying it out for recreation. He found that over time it helped him feel better and more energetic.

He explained: “The night I drank cannabis, I found that I had more energy and less pain. It stayed in my heart. I didn’t use it much, but I noticed the effect. I worked hard on CBD, mainly for legal reasons. For the first time my pain got worse and she went out because my Brazilian fiancé’s mother was sore in my pain. I found a cannabis doctor in Brazil. “

Ferdiad currently has a good treatment plan for over a year and understands which strains can help with different symptoms. He found that CBD helped the pain he experienced, and THC allowed him to fall asleep and felt distracted from the pain.

“When it comes to THC, it definitely helps with energy. I have no doubt about it. CBD is a great painkiller. CBD is a constant baseline and a constant warm relief embrace. Sleep. It’s needed to take and relieve pain, but it’s not powerful enough to relieve pain because it can’t be distracted. THC kills my pain, but it ruins my rem cycle. sleepy.. I’m stuck in this constant battle. “

Fibromyalgia: Black-and-white portrait of Irish activist Ferdia Mooney

When it comes to cannabinoids, different combinations work for different conditions and people. Someone may discover that THC potentially works better for them than CBD alone. The most important part of starting medical cannabis or CBD is finding the right balance.

Ferdiad is involved not only in cannabis activities, but also in defenders of fFibromyalgia Patience. He is currently working with various ministers in Ireland to recognize fibromyalgia as a disorder or long-term illness. This can mean more support for the patient.

Ireland’s current health minister is Republican Stephen Donnelly, and Ferdiad is sending emails seeking laws around him. Fibromyalgia It will be changed.

“Fibromyalgia has no legal status in Ireland and is not considered a disorder or long-term illness. It has a knock-on effect, and with all treatments, there are no options available and remains. I have only opioids. I have a history of alcohol and drug abuse. Chronic pain That is, I never get those pills. “

“My overall thing is to put this on a list that is considered a long-term illness. Then I can start looking for more treatments and options. They are fibromyalgia with ketamine infusion in the United States. Doing incredible things for people with pain, I can never get it here, but if the condition has legal backing, it participates in a medical cannabis program We are one step closer to doing. “

So far, Ferdiad has not yet addressed his concerns or received a response from the minister in connection with his case. He says Stephen Donnelly has so far answered a basic definition of what fibromyalgia is and how long-term illness planning works.

“The email from Stephen Donnelly started as if I didn’t know what the definition of fibromyalgia was. He also had a long-term illness, as if I didn’t know what it was. He explained the plans for. He listed various ways in which people with fibromyalgia could get a refund for their medications that I didn’t ask him about. I received a paste reply MCAP program.. “

Fibromyalgia: A cbd oil bottle with yellow oil contains a dropper

NS Medical cannabis access program in Ireland (MCAP) was introduced in 2019. Only three conditions are accessible: cancer nausea, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy.Widely used concern About the program because it cannot provide patients with chronic pain. There are also ministerial licenses that require a general practitioner to prescribe medical cannabis, but this turns out to be difficult. The cost of a ministerial licensed drug may not be covered by any of the illness plans that patients are struggling to find a way to cover the cost.

It was announced last month that Cann Epil will be the first drug available in the MCAP program from mid-October. However, it has not been updated since then, and there are no official reports of families taking the drug.

Ferdiad working at CBD store in Ireland Little Collins, An overview of where you need to change.

“This government needs to change, it’s not just the minister. It’s the whole system, including advisors. Cannabis will come to Ireland and be tightly controlled by pharmaceutical companies. We need to continue to put pressure on the government. Yes, and we need to continue. It’s clear that the government is trying to eradicate the CBD and the hemp industry. This is clear from the number of products seized. “

He added: All CBD stores like Little Collins and Nature by Nature need to stay there. Also, customers need to stick to us. Many customers are talking about prices because of how difficult it is to ship here. “

He also emphasized the need for education.

“The other thing we need to change is that we need to talk and learn. People have to realize that there is more to this plant than to be tall. We need to get together because there are too many divisions in. We should be a beehive, but we are hyenas fighting for scrap at that moment. “

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Women with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pelvic Pain Switch to CBD-Study

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