Adult social care needs immediate funding and long-term planning

The government urgently needs to provide additional funding this year to help the dilapidated adult social care sector meet pressing pressures, including inflation and unmet care needs, said a bipartisan. Level Up, said the Housing and Community Commission. in the report.

Examining government charging reform and local government finances, unpaid caregivers and workforce challenges, the report states: semester”.

The Commission’s report outlines that when it comes to adult social care, government has only a vision, no roadmap, no timetable, no milestones, no measure of success. It adds that a decade-long plan must be developed for how to achieve the vision outlined in Some People’s White Paper and for the adult social care workforce.

The government will also seek a multi-year financing settlement to provide what local governments need in terms of their sustainability and their ability to help shape sustainable local care markets. must be provided.

Labor MP Clive Betts, Chairman of the Leveling Up Housing Community Commission, said: Governments are commendable for trying to reform and avoid the unpredictable and devastating costs of care for people. But governments should not fall under the illusion that they are getting closer to rescuing social care, and must let the public know that there is still a long way to go.

“Ultimately, whether related to immediate cost pressures or broader structural problems in the sector, the fundamental problem is the large funding gap in adult social care that needs to be filled. continues to exist. People who need care, their loved ones, and care workers deserve better.

“The NHS and the provision of adult social care should not be at odds with each other. The two systems are interdependent and each should provide adequate funding to relieve pressure on the other. Governments urgently need more money, on the order of billions each year, regardless of where the money comes from allocating a higher percentage of tax revenues to social care, or from central government subsidies. It should be assigned to adult social care.”

The additional pressure of Covid-19 is exacerbating underlying structural challenges of increased demand, unmet needs, and difficulty recruiting and retaining staff, the report notes. We also note the current serious pressures from rising national living wages and national minimum wages, as well as rising inflation. The report also emphasizes that most of the money from health and social security taxes goes to the NHS, and that money paid to adult social security is for reform, not cost pressure.

Addressing the Government’s sector reform, the report will support stakeholder support for the vision, titled ‘People at the Center of Care’, outlined in the Government’s white paper on the long-term reform of adult social care. pointing out the reaction. The report applauds the government for introducing many welcome initiatives, such as those related to housing and data, that could make a big difference to people’s lives in the long run.

The report provides governments with a 10-year plan on how to achieve the White Paper’s vision of people at the center of care, given how different policies intertwine and affect each other. are requested to publish. Governments should also publish a 10-year strategy for the adult social care workforce, containing a clear roadmap with key milestones, outcomes and measures of success.

The report expresses concern about the sheer number of adult social care reforms and new ways of working that involve and influence local governments. To help local councils implement a number of social care reforms, the government will provide multi-year financing solutions to help shape local government sustainability and sustainable community care markets. It is important to provide local governments with what they need in terms of their capacity to do so.

The report also plans to develop new burdens by the end of the year to determine the level of resources local governments need in terms of staff, expertise and funding to deliver a complete package of adult social care reform. We are asking the government to publish the evaluation.

Adult social care needs immediate funding and long-term planning

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