Partner Insights: Outside the Wilderness

Flagstone provides a great way for advisors to manage their clients’ cash and solve the problem of cash inertia, a problem where clients can lose significant amounts in potential interest income.

Lynne Gadsden, Managing Director of Grovewood Wealth Management, was one of the advisors who accessed these benefits through Flagstone. “Rather than sending them into the ‘wilderness’ of managing various bank accounts and staying within FSCS tax limits, Flagstone means they can handle everything in one place and It gives us more control,” she says.

In a highly competitive market, advisors stand out because they understand the full picture of their client’s assets, offer comprehensive advice and provide growth opportunities.

Claire Jones, Head of Relationships and Business Development at Flagstone, said:

Cash Inevitability offers advisors and their clients options for cash savings across a wide range of needs ranging from non-investment purposes to short-term uses to estate planning.

“The value is reported in our client’s wealth account so we can see how much we are holding in case we need to advise on future investments or IHT plans. It’s also copied to , so you can keep an eye on things,” says Gadsden.

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Partner Insights: Outside the Wilderness

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