First Tech Federal Credit Union digitizes banking processes with Zebra

Zebra Technologies, an innovator of solutions and partners that deliver performance advantages on the front lines of business, today announced that First Tech Federal Credit Union (First Tech) will increase staff effectiveness and productivity and improve customer service. announced that it has chosen Reflexis for banking.

First Tech digitizes the audit process, resulting in greater insight and visibility into staff workloads, proactive task management, and enhanced communication across all experience centers.

Zebra’s Reflexis for Banking provides branch staffing optimization and mobile tools to improve employee engagement. The solution simplifies the work of branch employees, increases customer-facing time, increases productivity, and increases customer loyalty. First Tech also digitizes the inspection process. This provides a digital audit trail that reduces task duplication and optimizes resource allocation for managers and staff.

Holly Hoekman, Director of Training & Optimization, First Tech Federal Credit Union, said: “With the support of our Experience Center her leaders and business support team, and increased visibility into task completion on a daily basis rather than at the end of the month, we are able to achieve our compliance her benchmarks and better serve our customers.” will be.”

First Tech joins a rapidly growing roster of banks leveraging Zebra’s Reflexis for Banking software solution to optimize branch execution, scheduling and communications. Founded 70 years ago by employees of Hewlett-Packard and Tektronix, First Tech ranks among the top 10 federal credit unions for assets under management and customer satisfaction. A member-owned financial institution with more than 30 branches in eight states, including California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Texas.

Suresh Menon, senior vice president and general manager of software solutions at Zebra Technologies, said: “Reflexis for Banking will help First Tech Federal Credit Union streamline its branch operational processes to improve the customer experience, enhance control, increase operational efficiency and improve employee satisfaction. ”

First Tech Federal Credit Union digitizes banking processes with Zebra

Source link First Tech Federal Credit Union digitizes banking processes with Zebra

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