Aqua Global Announces Aquila Product Suite

Aqua Global has been providing financial messaging solutions for over 35 years, specializing in straight-through payment processing and financial and securities processing.

Aqua’s latest suite, Aquila, has evolved from the success of the e2gen suite, but unlike e2gen, which is primarily IBM I based, Aquila is platform independent.

The suite provides messaging capabilities for all SWIFT FIN and ISO 20022 messaging requirements, along with account reconciliation, message matching, duplicate detection, and ISO 20022 translation tools.

All modules are included in one integrated solution, eliminating the need for multiple servers and applications. All these modules coexist in a single shared database and are provided as a complete solution.

As Nick Fernando Aqua Global Director of Sales explains: All message standard changes are maintained as part of the service within Aquila. Aquila offers a secure, flexible, low-cost solution that provides a future-proof framework for effectively managing these processes. Aquila requires minimal training and is available as a cloud-native or on-premises deployment.

Aquila is already successfully deployed in the UK and across Europe. Gavin Kirkman Aqua Global’s business development manager shared the reasons behind their success. We want our customers to benefit from upcoming industry changes, such as the adoption of ISO 20022 messages, without the need for upgrades or lengthy implementations. “

Aqua Global Announces Aquila Product Suite

Source link Aqua Global Announces Aquila Product Suite

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