Trade unions urge to ‘get real with wages’

More than 115,000 postal workers at Royal Mail are set to go on strike in August and September, and their unions are urging the company to ‘justify wages’.

communication union Recent Polls for Strike Action Seeing 97.6% of union members vote in favor of the strike with a turnout of 77%, the union claimed it was “the biggest mandate for strike action since the implementation of the Trade Unions Act 2016”. .

The CWU argued that the strikes on Friday, August 26, Wednesday, August 31, Thursday, September 8, and Friday, September 9, if implemented, would be the biggest strikes of the summer so far.

Union members want a ‘dignified and appropriate salary increase’ above the 2% offered by the company.

labor unions Retail Price Index inflation reached 11.8% in JuneA 2% wage increase would result in a ‘dramatic’ drop in living standards.

According to Glassdoor, Royal Mail postal workers earn an average salary of £25,514, while mail sorters can expect £24,464.

CWU Deputy General Secretary Terry Pullinger said, “The salary offer is an insult to our members, who are willing to fight for substantial pay increases without conditions to their full entitlement.

“The management of the Royal Mail Group disrespects its members by imposing such a minimal amount. I’m losing

“Our members deserve pay raises that not only reward them for their outstanding performance in keeping us connected to the country during the pandemic, but also help us maintain it during the current economic crisis. Until then, we will not back down.”

Royal Mail said UK businesses would suffer losses in 2022-2023 if the strike went ahead, calling the CWU’s decision to strike “a waiver of responsibility for the long-term job security of its members”.

In a statement, the company said it was ready to speak with CWU to try to evade it. industrial actionbut any talk “must be about both change and payment.”

It added that a further 3.5% wage increase in addition to the 2% was proposed, provided the union would accept a set of changes, including new bonuses.

By modernizing, we will be able to offer our customers what they want at a price they are willing to pay, while protecting their jobs with the best conditions in the industry.” – Ricky McAulay, Royal Mail

“While CWU rejected the offer, it was worth up to 5.5% and would add around £230m to Royal Mail’s annual staff costs at a time when the business was already losing money. In its first quarter deal update published on 20 July, Royal Mail announced that it was losing £1m a day, but the proposed remuneration arrangement would increase that figure. adds more than £500,000 per day to the total, which can only be paid for through meaningful business change.”

Royal Mail Operations Director Ricky McAulay said:

“Royal Mail may have a bright future, but we cannot live in the past. We will be able to offer it at the price we pay for it.”

Felixstowe dockers go on strike

Elsewhere, negotiations between Unite and Felixstowe Dock and Railway Company ended without agreement. In other words, a strike involving 1,900 workers is scheduled to proceed at the port between 21st and 29th August.

The union announced the results of a strike vote last week after negotiations with Acas failed to reach a satisfactory conclusion after the company’s proposal of a 7% wage increase could not be improved.

But further negotiations aimed at avoiding a strike ended without compromise, according to the Guardian. The company reportedly offered the employee his £500 bonus on top of the raise.

A Port spokesperson said: Our focus was to find a solution that works for our employees and protects the port’s future success. ”

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Trade unions urge to ‘get real with wages’

Source link Trade unions urge to ‘get real with wages’

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