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Hospitals preparing for fuel shortages this winter, minister reveals

hospitals nationwide The minister said he has been warned to prepare for potential fuel shortages this winter.

kit malthouse The government said it had ordered NHS bosses to make sure “generators are in good order” and “diesel tanks are full” ahead of a potential energy supply crisis.

The Principality of Lancaster has warned that the country faces “special challenges” this winter as three potential crises collide.

He told TalkTV’s The News Desk:

“We clearly plan for all kinds of contingencies across public services, especially in critical areas such as health.

“For example, one of the plans we’re talking about is the coincidence of events, but we’re making sure every hospital that needs access to power has a backup generator in place. Yes, those hospitals have diesel tanks filled with diesel.

“Before the start of winter in November, the work necessary to ensure resilience in terms of power and energy has been completed.”

There are serious concerns that Russia tightening the screw on gas supplies to Europe will lead to winter shortages.

Although the UK receives little energy from Russia, the country is still highly exposed to soaring prices.

Malthouse also told presenter Tom Newton Dunn that the government is preparing emergency plans for hospitals. nurses go on strike.

Malthouse adds: But if so, and I hope they don’t decide to go on strike action, but if they do have a contingency plan to deal with it. “

Nurses will begin voting next month on whether to go on a wage strike at what has been described as a “defining moment” for the profession.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said it would encourage hundreds of thousands of members to support the industrial action in a vote that will begin in mid-September.

A postal ballot will ask RCN members working in the NHS in England and Wales whether they would take strike action with a complete withdrawal of work.

If that member supports strike action, it will be the first strike in England or Wales by an RCN member.

The university is demanding salaries for nursing staff to be 5% above the RPI inflation rate (currently 11.8%).

That comes amidst an NHS crisis exacerbated by reports that armed police are being dispatched to save the lives of people in cardiac arrest because ambulances “cannot cope” with demand.

Staff shortages across the NHS are widespread and exacerbated by post-pandemic burnout.

Hospitals preparing for fuel shortages this winter, minister reveals

Source link Hospitals preparing for fuel shortages this winter, minister reveals

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