Thornton Heath Community Demands Answers to Croydon Explosion

A girl who died in a gas explosion in south London was locally named Sahara Salman as the community demanded answers about her “unnecessary” death.

SaharaThe 4-year-old died after a terraced house collapsed on Galpins Road, Thornton Heath just after 7am on Monday.

Three other people were also seriously injured in the explosion.

About 80 homes were evacuated after the cordon was extended on Tuesday out of concern for the safety of residents, although six to eight homes were damaged by the blast.

Scene Wednesday following Monday’s explosion (Photo: PA)

Merton Council confirmed Wednesday morning that the 200-meter cordon will remain in place on advice from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and provided no further details as to when it may be removed. did not.

The council said in a statement:

Reverend Desi Ayorinde, who helps coordinate community efforts after the blast, told PA news agency about the outrage in the community after Sahara’s death.

This Is Local London: Photo: PAPhoto: PA

he said:

“But her life shouldn’t be unnecessary. In those four years, some live to be 100, some live to be 40, 80, 60. And some footprints.” It is our hope, the hope and the dream of all to leave behind, to make an impact, to make a difference.

“She lived only four years, but now it is our duty to see what her name stands for and what she stands for, because as a child she lived Because it symbolized hope, safety, and the future.It is our duty as living beings to take over the future.

“Even if she was in favor of change, people in positions of influence, authority, and responsibility would actually take ownership, especially personal ones, to ensure what she was advocating.” You can listen to voices.

“We’ll see it at Lacanal in 2009, we’ll see it at Grenfell in 2017, we’ll see it at Galpin in 2022.

“And for goodness’ sake, are you the authority figure, the person in charge, when are you actually going to take responsibility and listen to the individual?

This Is Local London: Wednesday Scene (Photo: PA)State of Wednesday (Photo: PA)

“We didn’t have to sacrifice human lives to make a difference. I think it’s a big aspect of what we’re feeling right now.”

Nick and Maria Hillman, who live in about 40 homes from the destroyed property, said they had a “strong smell of gas” on the streets when they were evacuated on Tuesday and an electrical spark set off a second explosion. I was worried that

They were ordered to evacuate by police officers around noon on Tuesday and were given 10 minutes to leave the house.

Mrs Hillman told PA:

Hillman added:

At a meeting of displaced residents Tuesday night, the couple said anger against the SGN continued to grow.

Mr Hillman said:

Mrs. Hillman said she was concerned that not only her own home but the lives of others could be endangered. Check if there was still a leak.

“But yeah, I don’t think we’re going to stop feeling insecure for a while.”

Some residents have also been frustrated by the response from their insurance companies, Hillman said, including those forced to evacuate because of the blast but suffered physical damage to property from the blast. Some were “disowning” those who hadn’t yet.

“Many insurers disown it simply because there is no damage to property. says,” he added.

Hillman said he waited an hour and 20 minutes before the insurance company told him “there was no damage to our house and we couldn’t get anything.”

He added: “I will change insurance companies as soon as it is all over.”

The council has provided assistance to more than 200 residents, including food and accommodation assistance.

Local residents and businesses have donated clothing and toiletries to the displaced, including the winning towel from the Wimbledon tennis tournament, donated by the All England Club’s Wimbledon Foundation.

An SGN spokesperson said:

“SGN will continue to be on-site for the next few days.

“Due to the ongoing police investigation, we are unable to comment further at this stage.”

Thornton Heath Community Demands Answers to Croydon Explosion

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