40V Automotive Synchronous Buck Converter

Diodes has announced a 600mA automotive DC-DC converter that operates from 4.5 to 40V.

Called AP64060Q, this part includes a 600mΩ high-side and a 300mΩ low-side MOSFET, the latter with an optional external Schottky. Quiescent current is typically 90uA, according to the company.

Two resistors are required to set the output voltage above 0.8V, but care must be taken with buck converters. It requires an inductor, requires at least 3 external capacitors for operation, and he can add a 4th capacitor to improve transient response.

The datasheet contains recommended component values ​​for generating 1.8, 2.5, 3.3, 5, or 12V.

Control is peak current mode with built-in loop compensation and switching is 2MHz.

“The proprietary gate driver scheme reduces switching node ringing without affecting MOSFET turn-on and turn-off times. This reduces high-frequency radiated electromagnetic interference caused by MOSFET switching,” the company said. says.

The operating range is -40 to +125°C. Protections include overvoltage, undervoltage lockout, and thermal shutdown. The undervoltage lockout is set at 3.8V, but can be pulled up with two resistors, but with higher quiescent current.

The package is TSOT26.

This device is AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified, supports PPAP documentation, and is manufactured in an IATF 16949 certified facility.

Applications are foreseen in powertrains, infotainment systems, instrument clusters, and vehicle exterior lighting.

AP64060Q product page

40V Automotive Synchronous Buck Converter

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